“It might be a little difficult to comprehend my friend. but if maintained due focus, one can reach the subliminal message encrypted in this text.”

mrityu and mangal share a bond. the outermost, negatively charged, non covelent location, moksha, that is the point of contact. shukra creates bhay, bhay which causes host to choose which way thru his four dimentional operating software; of which man buddhi chitt and ahankar for all its life and reaches mangal or mrityu, depending upon how host behaved and acted with its surroundings and gets for what he does, short term results /long term results/and intra dmentinal, beyound mangal and mrityu. because bhay drives us all this way. and elecron; which in the story is right now in the outermost orbital, makes a contact with another atom to form a molecule for both neutrons of both atoms. which are lyuing inside the enrgy field of both nuclae, to forms a molecule, then compound, then substance, and than objects. the very real objects. bhay drives us all this way. because as we discussed what we see is how we chose to deal with it. and our wise chosen judgments, look to be wise, only till revelations. bhay is driving us all this way. mrityu or mangal is only our choice of actions. which are slaves of our relatively bargained wisdom. thats why we are all different and all planets have relatively different effect on everyone. that who joins us all together is a free electron revolving around nucleus who helps the all the nelative neutrons to join together with negative charge, holding all the budy mass and positive charge in whatever shape it looks to you and me; inside the nucleus with the help of electromagnetic pull. this bond runs the desires inside the host as psychic process or relatively our desires help us establish bonds.

“All This material world, (things, material, matter, compound, molecule, atom, electron, proton, neutron, nucleus, bindingforces, electromagneticpull, attraction(physical), energyfield,energy,force,nothingness,                 .              .          .      .   .  .._ c o u n s c i o s n e s s ,  c  o  n  s   c   i   o   u    s         e      f     f     o     r      t    ,   a    c   t  i on, #relativethresholdofmagnitude, and an invertly(needs citation)relative understanding to the sensory perception of the matter aka. MANN/ USER INTERFACE via material world here, is bound to physical laws of relativity, but relativity to what? i believe its subjective relativity; The Relevance.

Ever since we are born we are learning through our subjective section of brain. we make logs of subjects memories to learn things in life and move on. we love or hate or don’t remember a subject/person, completely based on his/her/subject’s relevance in our life . yet, log file is always there. we are learning and evolving,all the time. we use our BUDDHI / RAM to judge the best of relevance in best of the subjects registered on our CHITT/ MEMORY, using the budhhi. while we are learning to exercise our brain with a firmware of buddhi.

we acquire a personality based on our experiences and learning (all of them). a person is made thru a life surviving in a body(host) a person keeps learning in life and becomes a better person every day and to have knowledge of (that personality/ knowledge of) self is AHANKAR / OPERATING SOFTWARE. an unsuitable threshold of ahankar is not advised for a body/host which owns it, neither any lesser nor any higher. both are found decaying and destructive in nature. in fact, ahankar/operating software owns the host. it works its ways through the body on maker’s instructions and the host never gets to notice it.  THESE FOUR THINGS are bound to WORK IN REQUIRED ALGORITHM with lightning fast moving and precisely configured, negatively charged particles electron/neuron inside a PROCESSOR/CEREBRUM on a physical MOTHERBOARD / BRAIN. and we start to receive a display on a computer and a display on our chitta through our eyes/camera.

Once sensory perception, EYE/CAMERA HARDWARE, and VISION/FIRMWARE gets to experience a display spectrum of the subject, we get to see it,  we have to see it because an object is out there. present in front of our eyes.  and this is all it takes for the desired material to exist in front of you. you fill up the relevant fields with right matrices in a workflow called objective, with a clear scope of u-turns to timely correct the previous error for an error-free workflow. success is guaranteed. not just guaranteed one can manipulate the tenure of conception, conspire, and conjure(to make subject emerge only) the object, only by using humanly workable applications like buddhi, chitt,  if ever wanted. with help of WANT /NEED /DESIRE /APPLICATION if found a relative coherence between the atomic energy field and absolutely related material world, in form of energy configured into negative and positively charged particles, aligned in precise trigonometric rotary alignment to form an atom with their relative action potential, built in a relative molecule, which eventually forges the final concepted/desired matter. the matter which becomes material and hence can be touched, and my friend ‘if you can touch it. it is there. it, as a matter of fact, being touched; has to Be there”.

” touch being the memory/relative/physical log based sensory perception of reality to us, it feels more real than sight. 

more defined detailed perceived from our surroundings, more real it becomes. that’s how HD (high definition) works, all this while.  reality is as unreal as nonexistent. everything appears where it deserves to. it depends upon what matrices are defining the term ‘deserving’ to you.

Scientists Ervin Schrodinger and Heisenberg have proved this separately if we relate two theories of these scientists, but they probably aren’t here to realize that they almost solved the Great paradox of who first – Hen or egg.

we have the idea now.  look! you might find it around you.