Dev guru Brihaspati is of yellow colour. he wears a gold crown on head and a beautiful necklace. he wears yellow garments and sits / rests on a lotus platform. he keeps a club, rudraksh lace, a bowl and blessing pose in four hands respectively.

According to mahabharat, brahaspati /jupitor is guru of devta. he , with his knowledge assures that devta get what they deserve out of yagya. asur , on the other hand ; want to ruin the yagya so devta can starve to death. in a situation like this jupiter uses his rakshondh power and eliminates harmful asuras.

How he got the title of dev guru and a place as planet is described in skandpuran. brihaspati / Jupiter did hardcore tapasya for shiva in prabhas teerth therefore, The shiva was happy with guru brahaspati and blessed him with being planet and dev guru vardan.

his beej/seed/root mantra is as follows

om gran green groan s: guruve nama:

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