Life changing, magical Symbolism about Godly Surya / The Sun

Suryadev has two arms, He rests/ sits at lotus asan/platform; he is dazzling with a beautiful golden crown on head and neck holds gem/stone necklace. his complexion is of lotus inside surface and he progresses on a chariot pulled by seven horses.

Suryadev’s is also called savita, which means ‘someone who creates’ ref.  ” savita sarvasya prasavita”. (nirukt 10/31). according to rigveda, sun; who is located inside of aditya mandal/ solar system, is The Inspiration, Omniscient, soulhead for everything that exists inside solar system.

according to markandey puran, sun is brahma like. sun is the root cause of life. also life is located inside him and its effect. which means sun is sarvbhoot swaroop sanatan parmatma. which further means whatever happens inside solar system is governed by The Sun God.

Sun avatars as brahma, vishnu, and rudra to create, flourish, and destroys in solar sysytem.

sun heads the group of nine astro planets.

When Brahma broke the cosmic egg and appeared out of nucleus great sound of ‘OM’ was created. this sound is parambrahma and is the body of The Sun. four vedas came out of brahma’s mouth which got engulfed in the radiance of OM and became one. This amalgamated Ved and OM together form sun in system.

this radiance appeared in the first place / aadi, hence sun is also called aditya.

people come and go. solar system and cosmos remains the same. has been there for millions of years and will be there for more. we exist or don’t is hardly even considerable to be taken as insignificant. because it will be the same even if you are not there.

however we can take help of the mighty planets to improve our life.  sun being the head of super influencing nine astro planets, is first respectable amongst all; holds capacity to manipulate the planetory effects.

Sun, if dealt with due devotion, respect, submission, can bring Glory to life.

a is as follows


below is the video how and why our solar system is like what it is.


you can click here to try planet movement simulator. link does not work with all types of phones.

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