Remedy rahu, and Surya together

surya who is the soulhead of aditya mandal, the solar system where all planets sing his tune. eclipse phase of nuclear radiance reaching and not reaching the surface of receiving planet, decide the eclipse struck zone on receiving planet. its the light’s absence behind the solar system body, which leaves a dark trail of million or trillion or zillion light years, coz that blank absence of light in shadow has a serious potential to take charge and do whatever it wants. so, never mess with rahu. he is mighty warlord of darkness and falls as an eclipse, being a chaya grah on whatever this beam of darkness falls upon, after moon in our case. he is very smart and gets to know everything on its own as rahu and surya both work hand in hand in this solar node.

and dealing rahu with same respect as surya can bring one in good books of shri rahu and he can let people see places.

oum a krishnen rajasa vartamano niveshayannamritam martyam ch |

hiranyen savita rathena devo yati bhuvanani pashyan|| – vedic mantra

aum kaya nashchitra a bhuvduti sadavridh: sakha|

kaya shachishthaya vrita||







Rahu, deadliest one. important disclaimer – never make rahu your enemy. he can be of great help with utmost precise worship

Rahu is of a deadly face.  he wears crown, necklace and black garments. he holds sword, shield, trident, and blessing pose in four hands respectively. he sits on lion.

Rahu is sinhika mata’s son. who was wife of viprachitti and daughter of  hiranyakashipu. Rahu is also called sinhikey with his mother’s name. Rahu had 100 siblings and was most popular amongst all.  Shri Vishnu chopped the head of Rahu with Sudarshana chakra. chopped head is called Rahu, and Ketu is the rest of body. Rahu was the head and Ketu is the rest of the body. Both tasted amrit ( elixior of life). hence both exist as imagery planet.

Rahu can be deadly if is at an unsuitable position. he deserves his own share of respect and if dealt precisely, can be a companion with great influence among planets, being a chhaya grah; brings his own sort of benefits.

his beej / seed / root mantra is as follows


To know more about rahu maharaj, you can click here to try planet movement simulator. link does not work with all types of phones.

Mighty shani, the cruel one for those who deserve his one sight

Shani is the god of iron. his color is of blue gem. he wears gold crown on head a necklace and blue color garments.  he travels on vulture. he holds bow, arrow, trident, and blessing pose in four hands respectively.

shani god is the son of surya / sun and chhaya/ sanvarna. he is believed to be cruel planet. the cruelty in his sight is because of his wive’s curse. he is usually not looking at anyone because he generally doesnt want to hurt anyone because his ine sight upon anything is enough to destroy anything.

his beej / root / seed mantra is


read more about Shanidev, you can click here to try planet movement simulator. link does not work with all types of phones.

colossal grandeur of demon’s guru shukra. also called venus

demon’s guru shukra/venus is white in color. he wears a beautiful crown and necklace. he sits/rests on white lotus platform. he holds club, rudraksh lace, bowl, and blessing pose in four hands respectively.

shukracharya is demon’s guru. great teacher of yog. and he wholeheartedly blesses his demon pupils. he worshipped shive very hard abd earned the art of resurrection of deads. he used to resurrect dead demons in war.

according to matsyapuran shukra / venus did tough tapasya for the welfare of asuras. hence shiva gave him a blessing of victory over devaz. and no one can kill him. also shiv made him the head of money / dhan. this blessing made him the owner of money for this and other realm too.

According to mahabharat parv. Not only money, shukra / venus owns medicines, mantraz, and ras (chemical properties included). he is capable of Unbelievable magnitude. he gave all his money to asuras and chose to continue to live like a tapaswi saint.

with brahmaz inspiration he became a planet. he does his job as a planet by creating bhay/horror and  abhay /feeling of unbreakable protection, he creates rains and no rains.  hence helps life to acheive its daily, hourly and more relevant, irrelevantly relevant and relatively irrelevant objectives.

his beej / seed / root Mantra is as follows

om dram dreem droam s: shukray nam:

you can click here to try planet movement simulator. link does not work with all types of phones.

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Dev guru Brihaspati is of yellow colour. he wears a gold crown on head and a beautiful necklace. he wears yellow garments and sits / rests on a lotus platform. he keeps a club, rudraksh lace, a bowl and blessing pose in four hands respectively.

According to mahabharat, brahaspati /jupitor is guru of devta. he , with his knowledge assures that devta get what they deserve out of yagya. asur , on the other hand ; want to ruin the yagya so devta can starve to death. in a situation like this jupiter uses his rakshondh power and eliminates harmful asuras.

How he got the title of dev guru and a place as planet is described in skandpuran. brihaspati / Jupiter did hardcore tapasya for shiva in prabhas teerth therefore, The shiva was happy with guru brahaspati and blessed him with being planet and dev guru vardan.

his beej/seed/root mantra is as follows

om gran green groan s: guruve nama:

To know more about brihaspati dev

Budh – the son of moon and tara , also called mercury

budh wears yellow colour flower necklace. and wears yellow garments. his complexion is of Yellow Oleander flower / kaner flower. he holds sword, sheild, mace club, and blessing pose in four hands respectively. he uses lion as vehicle.

atharvved claims his fathers name is chandrama /moon. and mother is tara / star. brahmaji named him as budh as his budhhi / intellect was highly serious. according to shrimadbhagwat he is expert in all shastras, and equally radiant as moon. according to matasyapuran (24/1-2) brahmaji found him to be deserving enough to rule land and made him an astro planet.


ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रोँ स: बुधाय नम:

To know more about budhdev

Miraculous healing powers of Mangal / mars

Mangal / mars has four arms. his body hair are red in color. he holds fearless blessings pose, trident, mace club, and blessing pose in all four hands respectively

once upon a time in varah kalp, hirnyaksh, who was the elder brother of hiranyakashipu, abducted the planet earth. to help earth / dharati, bhagvan incarnated as varah and killed hirnyaksh.

at that time bhoomi felt happy and liked varah to have as her husband. in varah kaal shree bhagvan had an unbearable radiance of billions of sun. hence bhagvan came to his pleasent avatar and spent a divine year with bhhomi in solitude, with their pleasent togetherness therefore, Mangal was born.



ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रों स: | भौमाय नमः

to know more abut mangaldev

How Moon (chandra) practically holds a serious potential to influence human life

Descrition of moon/ chandradev – chandradev holds a fair white complexion. his garments, horses and chariot all three are white in colour. moon also sits/rests at lotus latform. he dazzles with a golden crown with white pearl necklace. holds gada / mace club in one hand and other hand is in blessing position.

According to shrimadbhagwat chandradev is son of maharshi atri and anusuya. he is blessed with everything. and a master of 16 kala / arts . he blesses food, consciousness, and elixir, and also believed to be man like god. shri krishna later incarned in his family tree. hence shri krishna was also the master of 16 kala / arts. chandradev / moon is the one force behind life in devta, ancestors, yaksha, man, past, animals, birds, and trees.


oum shran shreen shron s: chandray nam:

to know more about chandradev

Life changing, magical Symbolism about Godly Surya / The Sun

Suryadev has two arms, He rests/ sits at lotus asan/platform; he is dazzling with a beautiful golden crown on head and neck holds gem/stone necklace. his complexion is of lotus inside surface and he progresses on a chariot pulled by seven horses.

Suryadev’s is also called savita, which means ‘someone who creates’ ref.  ” savita sarvasya prasavita”. (nirukt 10/31). according to rigveda, sun; who is located inside of aditya mandal/ solar system, is The Inspiration, Omniscient, soulhead for everything that exists inside solar system.

according to markandey puran, sun is brahma like. sun is the root cause of life. also life is located inside him and its effect. which means sun is sarvbhoot swaroop sanatan parmatma. which further means whatever happens inside solar system is governed by The Sun God.

Sun avatars as brahma, vishnu, and rudra to create, flourish, and destroys in solar sysytem.

sun heads the group of nine astro planets.

When Brahma broke the cosmic egg and appeared out of nucleus great sound of ‘OM’ was created. this sound is parambrahma and is the body of The Sun. four vedas came out of brahma’s mouth which got engulfed in the radiance of OM and became one. This amalgamated Ved and OM together form sun in system.

this radiance appeared in the first place / aadi, hence sun is also called aditya.

people come and go. solar system and cosmos remains the same. has been there for millions of years and will be there for more. we exist or don’t is hardly even considerable to be taken as insignificant. because it will be the same even if you are not there.

however we can take help of the mighty planets to improve our life.  sun being the head of super influencing nine astro planets, is first respectable amongst all; holds capacity to manipulate the planetory effects.

Sun, if dealt with due devotion, respect, submission, can bring Glory to life.

a is as follows


below is the video how and why our solar system is like what it is.


you can click here to try planet movement simulator. link does not work with all types of phones.

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