Religion has two aspects Karmakanda and Gyankanda. Out of the two our Vedic religion lays special emphasis on the Karmakanda for the people in Grishatha ashram. The Karmakanda has to be done with proper knowledge and procedure as this is something which you offer to the God. The intention of doing the Puja is not successful without that.
So it becomes utmost importance to have proper Gyan and procedure about the Karmakanda in detail.

Though in Kaliyuga the importance of the Karmakanda is decreasing as people are busy in their mundane life but there is also a dearth of good Pundits who can do the Karmakanda with proper procedure and mantras. Also this is the age of information and the bombardment of random information has created lots of doubts in our minds which has led to many misconception and misunderstanding about Karmakanda. E.g.
why we should do any Puja, why to waste so much money, why some Pujas take shorter while some take longer, what is the right way to sit and think during Puja, Is fast necessary for all the Pujas etc.

So we at Shree store have Pundits who have been trained in Karmakanda right from very young age from well qualified Gurus.
They have got immense experience in accomplishing every Puja and Yagya. We not only will help you in accomplishing Puja with right procedure and muhurta but will also help you understanding why and how the particular Puja will bring happiness and prosperity in your life. We guarantee that once our Pundits do any Karmakanda at your premise you will be mesmerized by their conduct and way of doing the Puja.